Our Services

Our business is based on experience and knowledge gained over many years of being in the rolling shutter door business. Technical advice can be offered and representatives can organize site surveys, drawings, and recommended courses of action. We have the facilities to repair and maintain all makes and types of rolling shutter doors. Service contracts are available.

Design & Specification Assistance

Preparation of Technical Drawings

Manufacture of Desired Products

Active Support, Quick Response Team

Installation &


Services We Offer

We pride ourselves in our speed of services, and in providing our clients with the best quality doors at their lowest prices.


We have our own installation teams who are self-sufficient and with all the necessary labour and services required for every on site installation. Making sure our products are installed by our own fully trained staff means that they are completed professionally and punctually.


Our design team has the ability to solve the most complex problems. Whether it is Steel, Aluminium or Plastic, all doors can be built into separate design. We do not, however, just make our designs functional, we make them attractive too, so that each one can be made to complement its surroundings.

Service & Repair

A modern industrial door is a complicated piece of machinery which needs regular servicing. Shahab Doors servicing includes repairing all issues in rolling shutter doors, replacing worn parts in RIB motors, lubrication of channels and springs, and replacement of any defective components in the shutter doors.